Childcare is my business

Tanya is my name, and I’m a committed newborn care specialist with a ton of experience helping families adjust to a new baby. I’m here to help you have a happy and easy transition into motherhood, from the time your baby arrives until it feels ready to be independent.


I am an expert in everything related to caring for newborns, including swaddling, safety, developmental milestones, and feeding and sleep regimens. I have specific expertise with typical issues like colic and breastfeeding, and I know how to set up routines that help babies sleep through the night by the time they are twelve to sixteen weeks old.


I take great satisfaction in my ability to help parents feel more competent and confident in their new duties by providing them with direction and instruction. My services may be found all across the country, and I am adaptable enough to meet different needs at any time of day or night.


I respect the utmost standards of privacy and secrecy in the greatest regard, having dealt with affluent families. Every family I work with has a different journey, and I’m dedicated to having a meaningful and good influence on their life. Allow me to assist you in confidently and easily navigating the thrilling and occasionally difficult early years of parenthood.