About Me

about me

Tanya: Newborn Care Specialist

My name is Tanya Hudson and I’m a Certified Newborn Care Specialist (CNCS) also known as maternity nurse or night nurse. I am fully vaccinated and have over 9 years of extensive newborn and infant care experience. I provide overnight and daytime support to postpartum mothers for newborns to 6 months of age. I also provide sleep training for children ages 3+ months. Booking before birth is HIGHLY encouraged, but booking after birth is also accepted. This is a job that I am extremely compassionate about and I enjoy traveling nationwide on various assignments. I have worked for many elite families and understand that privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance while working with a high-profile family. Working as a CNCS has allowed me to become educated in the latest techniques for such things as colic, burping, breastfeeding, and getting your infant to sleep through the night by twelve to sixteen weeks of age.